File and Sector Binary Editor and Scanner

(HD and CD-ROM Scanning, Audio CD Ripping, Huge File Splitting and other options)

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XEdit is multi document binary editor for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 and 98/ME. You may open or save whole file or part of file starting from any specified offset with some particular length, read and write sectors of local devices (the last feature does not work in 98/ME)
It has simple interface to edit file or sectors contents in ASCII or binary presentation and a lot of special features:
find binary or ASCII sequences,  go to offset (specific address) and so on. Use following keys for moving file contents in edit window: PageUp, PageDown, Ctrl/Home (to go to the beginning of the file), Ctrl/End (to go to the end of the file). The editor also has possibility to append edited binary contents to the end of other file, split file (File menu: Append to.. and Split into 2 Files items), fragmentize huge file to multiple pieces and gather it back from pieces, it has disassembler option for 16 and 32 bit modes of 80x86 processor.
For Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 it is possible to do read/write/scanning operations with physical sectors of local disks (floppies, hard drives and CDs).
It is possible to read TOC of CD, to rip separate CD track: open them for binary editing or save as WAV file. XEDIT searches binary sequence in files and determines file mapping at HD.
Presented here version is demo version with some restrictions. Full version costs US$9.99.
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